Wiering Software’s games do not collect any personal information from users, other than (in some cases) names submitted for high score tables or leaderboards, which we only use to provide global leaderboards for those games.

We may collect some statistical information on how players interact with a game and how far they progress. This is anonymous data and it is used in order to improve the games.


Wiering Software respects user’s privacy and recognises the importance of protecting any information users provide. When customers buy products from this website, their information will be used and stored by Wiering Software in order to deliver the products and to be able to support them in the future. Any personal information we collect will not be provided to third parties.

In some cases we work with a payment provider (such as BMT-Micro) or sell our games through on other websites (such as Steam or These sites have their own privacy policies.


This website uses cookies for analytical purposes and may collect anonymous data to shows how the site is used in order to make improvements.