Super Worms

Super Worms is a tiny 3D racing game for the PC. The game can be played by either one player or two players simultaneously (split screen). The objective is to drive your worm around the tracks as fast as you can to win the race, but there are also other ways to win. On each track you will find white balloons. These contain all kinds of items, which you can use to slow down your opponents!

But there is more than only racing, Super Worms also has a special battle game for two players. To win this game, you must try to use the available items to knock out your opponent. Each time you are hit, your worm loses one of its segments.

The game was originally written for DOS, but can still be played in DOSBox.

Gameplay video


The game supports joysticks or keyboard, the keys are:

    Action Player 1 Player 2
    Left Left arrow key S
    Right Right arrow key F
    Accellerate Up arrow key E
    Brake Down arrow key D
    Use item Ins Space

User manual

This game has a user manual page:

Download Super Worms

  • (version 1.63, 1.3 MB) — Super Worms with DOSBox
  • (version 1.63, 81 Kb) — zip for DOS

The game starts out as the shareware version. By entering your personal registration code, you can convert it to the full game.

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