Charlie the Duck

Charlie the Duck is a small platform game for the PC about a cute duck named Charlie. In this game you must guide Charlie through different levels, gather coins and diamonds and watch out for dangerous enemies. Charlie can swim in the water and even dive to discover hidden areas!

Gameplay video

The game has been completely rewritten and now has background music. The new version is already on Steam and, but will soon also be available for download from this website.


The default keys are:

    [Left] and [Right]: walk
    [Ctrl]: walk faster (DOS version only)
    [Space]: jump
    [Down]: in some places Charlie can dive into the water

User manual

This game has a simple user manual page:

Download Charlie the Duck

If you are on Steam or, you may prefer to download the game there, see the links below.

The game starts out as the shareware version. By entering your personal registration code, you can convert it to the full game.

Buy Charlie the Duck

If you are on Steam, you can consider buying Charlie the Duck on Steam, so you will have the game in your library and it will be updated automatically.

Also, you may prefer to buy the game on, see Charlie the Duck on

If you have already downloaded and installed the game on your PC and have completed the shareware version, you can buy registration codes below.

Charlie the Duck on Android

Charlie the Duck is also available for Android! There is a free version (limited levels and ads) and the full version (paid, no ads):