Charlie II

Charlie II is an award-winning classic 2D side-scrolling platform game. Run through levels, collect coins, diamonds and other power ups. Jump on top of enemies to defeat them. Dive into the water to find hidden areas!

Gameplay video

The game was originally released in 2001, but has since been updated many times and there is even an expansion pack, which adds a complete set of levels to the game (see the screenshots).

In this game, you must collect enough coins and diamonds before you may exit a level. Depending on the chosen difficulty, the required percentage is 45%, 60% or 75% (easy, normal, hard). Once you have collected the required amount, you will see the message “Find the exit!”.

At first, you can only play through the entire game without going back to a previous level. Some levels (indicated with a ‘?’) are hidden, to play them, you must find the secret exit in the previous level. After you have completed the game, you will be able to select any level to play so you can find all the hidden items and secret areas to increase your score for each level until you get 100% everywhere:

The game can run using either OpenGL or DirectX (from the title screen menu: Options, Video, Graphics). If the game doesn’t run smoothly, try adjusting this.


The default keys are:

    [Left] and [Right]: walk
    [Ctrl]: walk faster
    [Space]: jump
    [Down]: in some places Charlie can dive into the water

User manual

Here is the user manual page for Charlie II:

Download Charlie II

If you are on Steam or, you may prefer to download the game there, see the links below.

  • ch2setup.exe (version 3.41, 31 MB) — setup for Windows
  • (version 2.05, 0.6 MB) — old version for DOS / DOSBox

The game starts out as the shareware version. By entering your personal registration code, you can convert it to the full game. You can also buy a code for the expansion pack and it will be added.

Buy Charlie II

If you are on Steam, you can consider buying Charlie II on Steam, so you will have the game in your library and it will be updated automatically.

Also, you may prefer to buy the game on, see Charlie II on

If you have already downloaded and installed the game on your computer and have completed the shareware version, buy a registration code to unlock the remaining levels:

Entering your code into the game

If you have bought a registration code, you can enter it into the game by selecting ORDERING and then ENTER CODE in the menus:


Enter your name on the first line and your code on the second (unfortunately, you cannot use Copy & Paste here).