Frequently Asked Questions

Help, I lost my registration code!

Please contact us (via e-mail) and include your name, address and the e-mail address that you used in the original purchase.

In Charlie the Duck, how do I defeat the big fish (level 1-4)?

You need to jump on its head five times. It helps if you have found the super heart in level 1-3, then you will have 3 hearts instead of 2. Check out the following video.

In Charlie II, I can’t find certain coins, diamonds or letters, or a secret exit!

Keep trying, you’ll have the most fun finding everything by yourself! But if you are frustrated and really need help, watch the following videos on youtube: Charlie II complete walkthrough (spoiler alert!).

Can I have a free Steam key?

Sometimes we give free keys to people who have a gaming related channel on youtube or twitch (with at least 500 subscribers) and want to review a game. The best way to apply is via keymailer. If you have a website that reviews games, contact us and be sure to use an official email address that is clearly linked to your website.

Other questions

In the past, Wiering Software used a Yahoo group as a forum for people who had questions about the games. It is inactive now, but you can still search the archives and perhaps find the answer to a question you have.